Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Materials I Multimedia Arts FA103
Art History I Multimedia Arts FA104
Materials II Multimedia Arts FA107
Art History II Multimedia Arts FA108
Figure Drawing I Multimedia Arts FA202
Figure Drawing II Multimedia Arts FA206
Production Methods Multimedia Arts FA207
Advertising Design I Multimedia Arts FA210
Visual Communication Design Multimedia Arts FA228
Design Theory II Multimedia Arts FA233
Art Appreciation Multimedia Arts GE009
Drawing 1 Multimedia Arts MA102
History of Graphic Design Multimedia Arts MA103
Drawing 2 Multimedia Arts MA104
Elements and Principles of Design Multimedia Arts MA105
Color Theory Multimedia Arts MA106
Writing for New Media Multimedia Arts MA107
Digital Photography Multimedia Arts MA201
Typography and Layout Multimedia Arts MA202
2D Animation Multimedia Arts MA203
Fundamentals of Film and Video Production Multimedia Arts MA204
Multimedia Publishing Multimedia Arts MA205
3D Modeling Multimedia Arts MA206
Interactive Media Design Multimedia Arts MA208
3D Animation Multimedia Arts MA209
Post-Production Techniques Multimedia Arts MA210
Business Venture in Multimedia Multimedia Arts MA211
New Media Culture Multimedia Arts MA219
Advertising Principles and Practices Multimedia Arts MA220
MA Elective 1 Multimedia Arts MAE001
Digital Storyboarding Multimedia Arts MEA001
Acting and Directing for Film Multimedia Arts MEF002
Motion Graphics Multimedia Arts MEG001
Portfolio Preparation Multimedia Arts MMA Elective
Multimedia System Development Multimedia Arts MMG323
Techniques 1 Multimedia Arts SHS
Introduction to Computing Computer Science CS101
Computer Programming 1 Computer Science CS102
Computer Programming 2 Computer Science CS103
Data Structure and Algorithm Computer Science CS104
Information Management Computer Science CS105
Object Oriented Programming Computer Science CS203
Automata Theory and Formal Languages Computer Science CS205
Social Issues and Professional Practice Computer Science CS205
Architecture and Organization Computer Science CS206
Software Engineering 1 Computer Science CS209
Software Engineering 2 Computer Science CS211
CS Thesis Writing 1 Computer Science CS212
Operating Systems Computer Science CS213
Human Computer Interaction Computer Science CS214
CS Thesis Writing 2 Computer Science CS215
Networks and Communications Computer Science CS216
Relational Database Management Systems Computer Science CS302
Parallel and Distributed Computing Computer Science CS304
Cloud Computing Computer Science CS306
Machine Learning Computer Science CS307
Advance Game Design and Production Computer Science CS309
Web Design (HTML, CSS) Computer Science CS311
Web Design and Scripting (JS and JQuery) Computer Science CS313
Advance Programming Computer Science CS314
Introduction to Game Design and Development Entertainment Media Computing EMC102
Computer Graphics Programming Entertainment Media Computing EMC103
Audio Design and Sound Engineering Entertainment Media Computing EMC105
Design and Production Process Entertainment Media Computing EMC107
EMC Elective 2 Entertainment Media Computing EMC2
Applied Game Physics Entertainment Media Computing EMC204
Game Programming 3 Entertainment Media Computing EMC205
Artificial Intelligence in Games Entertainment Media Computing EMC207
Game Networking Entertainment Media Computing EMC209
EMC Elective 3 Entertainment Media Computing EMCE003
EMC Elective 4 Entertainment Media Computing EMCE004
Multimedia and Internet Development Entertainment Media Computing MMG331
College Algebra (Elementary Analysis) General Education Subjects ALG101
Seminars and Fieldtrip (BSCS) General Education Subjects BCS411
Business Ethics/ Professional Ethics General Education Subjects BET303
Business Organization General Education Subjects DEB130-2
Entrepreneurship Studies General Education Subjects DEB310-3
Economics with Taxation and Land Reform General Education Subjects ECN410-3
World Literature General Education Subjects ENG005
Academic Reading I General Education Subjects ENG120-3
Academic Reading & Writing II General Education Subjects ENG210-3
Business Communication General Education Subjects ENL610
Earth Science General Education Subjects ESC101
Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino General Education Subjects FIL001
Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa Pananaliksik General Education Subjects FIL002
Panitikan General Education Subjects FIL003
Pre-Calculus for non-STEM General Education Subjects GE000
Understanding the Self General Education Subjects GE001
Mathematics in the Modern World General Education Subjects GE002
Science, Technology, and Society General Education Subjects GE003
Contemporary World General Education Subjects GE004
Purposive Communication General Education Subjects GE005
Readings in Philippine History General Education Subjects GE006
Life and Works of Rizal General Education Subjects GE007
Technical Communication General Education Subjects GE008
College Physics 1 General Education Subjects GE012
Political Science and Governance with Philippine Constitution General Education Subjects GE019
Foreign Language General Education Subjects GE020
Technopreneurship General Education Subjects GE022
Ethics General Education Subjects GE023
Methods of Research General Education Subjects GE10
Job Skills and Career Preparation General Education Subjects IR001
Self-development and Goal Setting General Education Subjects IR001
Trigonometry General Education Subjects MAT002
Probability and Statistics General Education Subjects MAT003
Introduction to Calculus General Education Subjects MAT004
Solid Geometry General Education Subjects MAT006
Business Mathematics General Education Subjects MAT610
Documentary Film General Education Subjects MEF003
Civic Welfare 1 General Education Subjects NTP001
Civic Welfare 2 General Education Subjects NTP002
Physical Education 2 General Education Subjects PED002
Physical Education 3 General Education Subjects PED003
Physical Education 4 General Education Subjects PED004
General Sociology General Education Subjects SOCIO101
SHS Introduction to Multimedia Arts SHS-Animation SHS-Animation
G11 Earth and Life Science SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Filipino SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 Empowerment Technologies: ICT for Professional Tracks SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 General Mathematics SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 Oral Communication in Context SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 Personal Development SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 Physical Science SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 Practical Research 1 SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 Reading and Writing SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 Statistics and Probability SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 The Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G11 Understanding Society, Culture, and Politics SHS-General Education Subjects G11 SHS
G12 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
G12 Elective 1 CIIT Values SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
G12 Elective 2 Industry Readiness SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
G12 English for Academic & Professional Purposes SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
G12 Inquires, Investigation, and Immersion SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
G12 Intro to Philosophy of the Human Person SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
G12 Media and Information Literacy SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
G12 Pagsulat sa Filipino sa Piling Larangan SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
G12 Physical Education and Health SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
G12 Practical Research 2 SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
G12 The Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions SHS-General Education Subjects G12 SHS
SHS Writing for New Media SHS-Multimedia and Visual Arts SHS-MVA
SHS Introduction to Computing SHS-Programming SHS- Programming
SHS Application Development and Emerging Technologies SHS-Programming SHS-Programming
SHS Architecture and Organization SHS-Programming SHS-Programming
SHS Information Management SHS-Programming SHS-Programming
SHS Introduction to Game Design SHS-Programming SHS-Programming
SHS Web Design and Scripting SHS-Programming SHS-Programming
SHS Web Programming SHS-Programming SHS-Programming